The 2016 Collection

Our New Furniture

KEA by Iratzoki Lizaso

The Kea Collection epitomises time-honoured traditions and values of unity between the know-how of yesteryear and today by offering convivial items that subtly combine wood and wrought iron.
ZUMITZ by Iratzoki Lizaso

A woven chestnut wood basket was the starting point for the Zumitz Collection.This range for both the home and hospitality industry has been developed from a typically rural object firmly rooted in the world of work.Woven chestnut wood steals the limelight in these original creations with their distinguished modern touch.

The Kuskoa Bi, the first chair in the world to be manufactured in bioplastic, is now available in an office version. The wooden legs are replaced by a central metal structure.

The architecture of the Koila collection allows for numerous variations and the Koila Lounge bench is a natural extension to it. The legs of this two-seater version subtly support the shell. The combination of wood and fabric confers softness and elegance to the whole piece.

When creating this collection, durability was one of the core conditions for the specifications of the Laia range. So the whole collection has been further developed: the thickness and density of the foam have been increased and the upholstering process has been perfected so that our different ranges of fabrics can be used.

A stool especially designed for bars has been added to the Heldu collection. The sitting part slots into the legs to provide optimum comfort. With its simple, understated look, the Heldu stool easily blends into any space. There are three versions of the stool available: upholstered, wood and linoleum-covered.