Alki x Enargia

Enargia - Local and Renewable Energy

This year, Alki changed its electricity supplier and opted for Enargia. Based a few kilometers from Alki workshops, Enargia is a cooperative providing 100% renewable electricity.

The history of its creation is the result of an alarming observation: 99% of all energy consumed in the North Basque Country is imported, creating a heavy pollution (oil, gas) and potentially uncontrolled risks (nuclear).

With the desire to overcome that situation, the citizen-based renewable energy company I-ENER was founded in 2014. It aims to relocalise the production of renewable energy, thus forming part of a sustainable development approach. It allows residents to finance renewable energy projects, making them actors in the ecological transition.

This first step towards the territory's energy sovereignty has led to the logical creation of a complementary tool inviting citizens to regroup in order to subscribe to an exclusively renewable electricity, and as local as possible.

In 2018, Enargia Cooperative was created, a local supplier of 100% renewable electricity to promote short channels of energy and bring producers closer to consumers.

Since this project is truly in line with Alki's values, both economically and environmentally, it is quite natural that we chose Enargia as the electricity supplier for our workshops.

Website: Enargia