- Design by Iratzoki Lizaso

Alki, in partnership with design studio Iratzoki & Lizaso, presents a brand new space layout system that focuses on the user’s wellbeing.

Today, the hybridization of spaces is in full swing. Working, meeting, drinking a cup of coffee, holding an informal meeting… all these activities interweave whether at the office, in a hotel or a public area.

The Zuzulu system is the fruit of a long process of reflection driven by the desire to organise space in the most pleasant way. We sought the perfect balance between privacy and co-working so it always feels the right place to be. To achieve this, we analysed uses, positions, heights, traffic flows and thus developed a consistent and contained architecture that fits out the space in a comfortable way. Seven components and a 170cm x 170cm frame form a modular system that enables a multitude of needs to be met.