Le Connecteur

Le Connecteur - Biarritz
Installed in Biarriz and supported by Crédit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne, Le Connecteur is a unique third place for living and working dedicated to innovation and offering start-ups, creators, companies and students a place that connects them to the world. It has an original eco-system covering over 8,000 m² that provides spaces for working, meeting and exchanging. It is also a remarkable living area in which it is possible to eat, drink, enjoy a conference, learn, do sports or organise an event.

Designed by the firm Camborde Architectes, Le Connecteur has contemporary architecture with sleek and simple lines. Our Kimua, Kuskoa, Kea, Laia, Emea, Triku and Atal Collections are present in various areas of the building and, by their presence, participate in Le Connecteur’s founding idea of creating an elegant, modern and audacious place whose objective is to foster collective dynamics.

Architect: Camborde Architectes

Photography: Mito