Alki x Herrikoa

Herrikoa, Alki's historical partner

Herrikoa, meaning "what comes from the country or the people", perfectly illustrates the reason for the existence of the company: to actively contribute to sustainable economic development and job creation in the northern Basque Country by relying on local popular savings.

The first subscription campaign launched under the tagline "To be sure of your future, the best is to create your own", is echoed by 700 people who contribute nearly 2.5 million French Francs, resulting in the creation of the investment company in November 1980.

Forty years later, Herrikoa supported economically 328 local businesses, providing them with more than 16.2 million Euros in equity, contributing to the creation and safeguarding of 3277 direct jobs for a total population of 290,000 people.

Herrikoa supported Alki on several occasions, just shortly after its creation and during difficult times. In 2015, Alki in turn provided € 18,000 to Herrikoa to enable them in development of the mission for helping local businesses.

Given the exceptional situation that we are experiencing this year, Alki decided to help Herrikoa again by awarding them € 30,000 enabling them to support local companies hit by the Covid19 crisis.

Herrikoa :