Emea Stool

- Design by Jean Louis Iratzoki
The Emea family has two stool heights (660mm and 810mm) and can be finished completely in oak or the seat can be covered in leather or fabric.

Product Story

Solid Knowledge
Archetypical chair. Emea makes use of the ALKI workers knowledge in machining, precision and assembly. When creating EMEA, the idea was to address the characteristics of solid wood. So the items in the collection were created in order to work the block of wood as if it were a sculpture. The collection has become a classic over the last few years, and to a certain extent is pointing the way forward for the company.

Product variants

Low Stool Low Back:
H 760 x L 420 x W 520 mm
Seat: 660 mm

Low Stool High Back:
H 960 x L 420 x W 520 mm
Seat: 660 mm

High Stool Low Back:
H 900 x L 420 x W 520 mm
Seat: 800 mm

High Stool High Back:
H 1100 x L 420 x W 520 mm
Seat: 800 mm


Spaces with Emea Stool

  • Fondation Louis Vuitton - Paris
    Architect: Franck Gehry
    Restaurant design: Wilmotte & Associés
    Photgraphy: Mito
  • Hegia Hotel, Basque Country
    Architect:  Leibar&Seugnerin
    Photos: Mito

Product characteristics

Upholstery and finishes

The designer Jean Louis Iratzoki:

Ever since he opened his own workshop in 1998, Jean Louis Iratzoki has been committed to the creation of articles impregnated with an emotional value, where the respect for nature, character and restraint give form to a contemporary but simultaneously authentic product. A philosophy which has garnered diverse European awards.

More information: iratzoki-lizaso.com