Kea Bench

- Design by Iratzoki Lizaso
Here, the main character is portrayed by wood alongside which wrought iron plays a discreet supporting role. In a seamless link, the concave profile of the table legs houses the wrought iron which provides structure to the whole piece.

Product variants

Download: Datasheet

Download: Datasheet

Spaces with Kea Bench

  • A Bakery in Tolosa's Old Town - Basque Country
    Photography: Mito
  • A private house in Anglet - Basque Country
    Photography: Mito

Product characteristics

Upholstery and finishes

The designer Iratzoki Lizaso:

Iratzoki Lizaso is an industrial design studio created in the Basque Country, in 2016. Having worked together over several years, Jean Louis Iratzoki and Ander Lizaso decided to form a partnership. Ably supported by their experienced team, they work closely with both small companies and large corporations.

Their work encompasses various areas of design: home and office furniture, textiles, lighting, ephemeral architecture and accessories. Jean Louis Iratzoki and Ander Lizaso are also the artistic directors of certain brands. From their work emerge enduring items that inspire emotion and affection.