Atal High Bistro Table

- Design by Form Us With Love
The Atal bistrot table has a central metal leg. The top can be covered of solid oak or laminated. Round or square, it is available in several sizes.

Product Story

Different Postures
“Design of the Atal series was guided by two major factors. Firstly, the Alki cooperative’s outstanding expertise in working with wood and, secondly, the changes observed in how communal spaces are used. So we considered different postures and, therefore, seat angles from the on-task, upright working position to the casual, stretched-out position.”
Jonas Pettersson, CEO of Form Us With Love

Product characteristics

Upholstery and finishes

The designer Form Us With Love:

Based in Stockholm, the Form Us With Love design studio creates items of furniture, lights and many other objects used in daily life. The studio decided to work on accessible creations with meaningful designs. The breadth and depth of their approach and pure appeal of their creations were determining factors in Alki’s choice.

Website: Form Us With Love