Operating on the periphery of a frenetic world, Alki chose the road of sustainability right from the start. At each stage of manufacture, time envelops our production that resists the maelstrom of transient fads. In Alki’s realm, each piece of furniture bears witness to a story that is both traditional and avant-garde.

Our commitment begins in the forest
Oak, Alki’s material of choice, embodies our commitment to integrated sustainable development. Our main resource is, therefore, natural and recyclable. We are able to trace the tree from the moment it is selected from reserved forests, with the focus being on sources certified for their sustainable management. Most of our oak, therefore, comes from French forests.

Made in the Basque Country
At Alki, we advocate transparency and invite everyone to carefully consider the origin of the materials and manufacturing conditions of the products they consume. This is why Alki products are manufactured in our own workshop, nestling in the heart of the Basque Country. Furthermore, 80% of our suppliers are situated within a radius of less than 100km. This approach dovetails with our environmental, cultural, regional, industrial and, therefore, strategic concerns. For many years, we have fostered alliances and joint efforts with local partners, whether they work with metal, clay or upholstery. This approach enables us to promote and preserve local expertise and techniques while strengthening our roots within our region.

A zero-energy workshop in the Basque Country
Designed as an efficient and sustainable building, this new space is intended to inspire cooperative members and inquiring minds from around the world. Our project fully embodies our commitment to sustainable production, aiming to create new jobs while minimising our environmental footprint thanks to responsible management of natural resources. This space has been designed in such a way that it does not need heating or air conditioning as it takes maximum advantage of natural light and fully operates with 100% renewable energy. Its construction has also enabled us to review and optimise our manufacturing processes with an ensuing 80% reduction in our emission of volatile organic compounds. In addition, all wood waste generated will be used to manufacture by-products in a contribution to the sustainable management of our resources.

Local and European raw materials
Although oak, mostly from French forests, is Alki’s material of choice, there are many other raw materials used in our collections. Our constant quest for innovation spurs us on to explore new avenues and possibilities. In 2015, pursuing one such avenue, we created the world’s first chair using bioplastic, a state-of-the-art, 80% plant-based material that is an alternative to fossil-based plastics. The Lur Collection also illustrates this approach as it places natural clay centre stage through our collaboration with Poterie Goicoechea. In one of latest creations, we have integrated recycled PET, a recycled and recyclable material. All these materials invariably come from local or European sources.

Perennity as a transversal value
At Alki, we consider perennity as a transversal principle connected to sustainable development, among other core values. We are convinced that we have to reinvent our relationship with time. An oak tree takes between 80 and 150 years to reach maturity and deserves to be treated with very particular care and attention. This is why Alki ensures that design and production are meticulously engineered to guarantee the longevity of each item, so our products can be handed down to future generations.