50 Iconic Objects from the Basque Country

Our Kuskoa Bi chair is in the spotlight again! This time it is shining in a book, amongst a selection of 50 iconic objects of the Basque Country. In this book called Hemendik, the authors tell the story of our cooperative and the important research work necessary for the realization of Kuskoa Bi, which has become the first bioplastic chair on the furniture market.

In this selection, Alki can be found alongside prestigious objects such as the El Casco stapler, the Orbea bike, Fournier cards, the machine-tool, the Sancheski skate, the sledge, or the BOJ corkscrew.

"Several approaches are possible to apprehend a country: its history, its landscapes, its inhabitants, its culture, its languages, its experiences... With "Hemendik", the diversity of the Basque Country is approached through objects. Industrial and artisanal production is insufficiently considered, its cultural and heritage value too often underestimated. However, the history of an object makes it possible to interlace various contexts, whether they are geographical, historical, political, or social. Through this selection of 50 objects, Hemendik reveals many facets of a country that yesterday as today has been able to reinvent itself."- Hemendik

You can discover the book here: Hemendik

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