Each piece of Alki furniture is a tree that hides a forest of people. The cooperative culture is part of our DNA; it is our compass and constantly reaffirmed guiding principle. We make furniture that reflects values of humanism, solidarity and democracy to create spaces where know-how and soft skills can meet and flourish.

Our cooperative brings together men and women who are committed and united in the conviction of together building a shared future. As joint owners of our enterprise, we defend values of democracy – one person, one vote – guided by our shared economic, social and cultural aspirations. Each member reinvests profits in line with our founding principles.

We are because they were; they will be because we are.

Founded in 1981, Alki is the fruit of fierce determination to live and work in the Basque Country, building our future in our land. Central to this adventure is our cooperative, which has flourished thanks to our tight-knit team driven by cooperative principles.

Beyond simple economic success, our main objective is to craft a cultural and commercial project that participates in the development and enrichment of its environment. We strive to create job opportunities, while actively encouraging the cooperative culture and fruitful collaboration between individuals and companies in order to offer our customers the very best.

Each decision is made collectively, actively involving all the cooperative members. Indeed, all the workers are fully-fledged members and, therefore, participate in Alki’s democratic life.
Part of the profits that we make is reinvested in the cooperative itself, so that we can be ready to confidently meet the challenges ahead. The rest is equally distributed among all the members, regardless of any wages hierarchy. Our aspiration is clear and unwavering: distribute the wealth equally as we believe in the strength of solidarity and the importance of together building a fairer and more equitable future for all.

Cooperative culture – cooperation
Cooperation is a fundamental quality central to the human essence that has enabled our civilisation to progress. Uniting individuals around shared beliefs and values incites us to work together towards a shared objective. This collaborative culture permeates our collective purpose and creates valuable relationships both within our company and entourage. Every day, Alki works to build this community and deepen its knowledge and understanding. By maintaining close ties with our customers and suppliers, we ensure a constant connection with technology, artisans, designers and architects.