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Kuskoa Bi Office Chair

Kuskoa Bi Office Chair

Upholstered back base with wheels


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The Kuskoa Bi, the first chair in the world to be manufactured in bioplastic, is now available in an office version. The wooden legs are replaced by a central metal structure.

We decided that the Kuskoa Bi had to be a comfortable, enveloping chair and to achieve this we opted for a semi-concave shell. The material that best enables this shape to be created is plastic. However, the production of plastic is contrary to our fundamental principles on sustainable development. To find a solution to this dilemma, we carried 1 out in-depth investigative research and found a new material: bioplastic.

5 legs swivel with castors, white matt, jack for adjustment between 380 mm to 500 mm. Bio plastic shell in 2 versions: Seat pad upholstered or fully upholstered legs available in 2 mat colors: White or black.


Height 800 mm / 31.5 inch
Width 660 mm / 25.98 inch
Seat Width 500 mm / 19.69 inch
Depth 530 mm / 20.87 inch
Seat Height 380 / 500 mm
14.96 / 19.68 inch
Armrests Height 590 / 700 mm
23.23 / 27.55 inch
Weight 15.5 kg


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Ever since he opened his own workshop in 1998, Jean Louis Iratzoki has been committed to the creation of articles impregnated with an emotional value, where the respect for nature, character and restraint give form to a contemporary but simultaneously authentic product. A philosophy which has garnered diverse European awards.

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