Alki’s creativity reaches beyond the boundary of the object’s function to embrace atmospheres, realms and interior landscapes that offer users a complete and immersive experience. We painstakingly choose each detail in order to provide inspiring places that are both steeped in serenity and conducive to creativity.

From the idea to the creation
Alki works alongside creative minds from all four corners of the world with backgrounds in a variety of disciplines such as industrial design, graphic arts, photography, programming, crafts and architecture. We seek to foster the development of knowledge and skills by catalysing the meeting of these talented minds. In a stimulating environment, we encourage discussion and transform ideas into tangible objects. Our quest consists in distinguishing what is acceptable from what is remarkable, by consistently focusing on quality and excellence. This approach offers us the opportunity to work with internationally renowned creative teams.

Creation of sensitive spaces
Through our collections, we aspire to participate in the creation of spaces that are great to work and live in: environments where people feel comfortable, surrounded by items with strong emotional value made from natural materials. Indeed, the items we create cannot be summed up as simple objects; they are the components of an atmosphere in its own right. Alki has the opportunity of working with leading professionals from the world of architecture and design who are capable of designing atmospheres and environments that are steeped in emotion; spaces that never cease to surprise and awaken the senses.

The future is in our hands
Our scope of possibilities greatly exceeds what we believe we should undertake; at Alki, dreams take root in responsibility. In order to build the future we want, we must above all be able to imagine the shape it will take.
This was the spirit that breathed life into the Alki cooperative, with dreams greatly exceeding the economic aspect, driven by a fierce desire to live and work in the Basque Country and proudly fly the flag of strong social and cultural values. Today, the same motivation is still our daily inspiration. Our creations are so much more than simple pieces of furniture. They are the reflection of our values and our commitment to build a better future. They contribute to shaping spaces characterized by affection, responsibility and creativity. To achieve this, we constantly explore new avenues and continuously seek to improve. Because believing allows new realities to emerge, we want to start building our future today and transform our prospects into reality.