The craftsman finds his well-being in the shadow of his expertise, allowing his creations to speak on his behalf. As custodian of a centuries-old tradition, Alki perpetuates its legacy through both the transmission of time-honoured techniques and the quest for innovation. We take our time to do things well. Each creation embodies the personalities of our artisans and partners, chosen from among the driving forces in the region. Together, this creates an unwavering bond between the furniture creator, his craftsmanship and those who, every day, experience and bring to life these creations.

The oak tree
An oak tree takes between 80 and 150 years to reach maturity and deserves to be treated with very particular diligence. This is why Alki ensures that design and production are carefully engineered to guarantee the longevity of each item. Each piece of furniture is made with meticulous attention, combining traditional craftsmanship and technological know-how. Our long experience working with solid wood goes hand-in-hand with complementary trades, such as upholstery and wrought ironwork, to create timeless pieces.

Between industry and craft
Our production sits astride the frontier between craft and industry in a painstaking amalgam of technology and know-how. Our workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that enables woodworking professionals to achieve a precision that is impossible to produce by solely manual work. So technology is there to serve the artisan and not the other way round. Our adaptability to the specific needs of each project is one of our strengths. Every Alki product requires time and attention and passes through many expert hands, bearing witness to our commitment to offering irreproachable craftsmanship and creating unique items ingrained with our passion for wood.

Cooperative culture, local partners
For many years we have been forging alliances and fostering joint efforts with local partners who enrich our expertise. Whether they work with metal, mould clay, create upholstery or even preserve and promote local skills and techniques, we are happy to be able to count on their knowledge. This approach enables us to promote and preserve local expertise and techniques while strengthening our roots within our region. Over 80% of our partners are situated within a radius of 100km, thus meeting our environmental, cultural, regional and industrial objectives, an approach that we consider to be both strategic and essential to preserving diverse know-how and contributing to the development of our region.

Creating new classics
Our work centres on the perennity of our products, regardless of any passing trends. This is the reason why we attach such great importance to quality by being attentive to each detail. We sincerely aspire to achieve excellence and go beyond simply obtaining certificates and meeting quality standards. Each stage of the process, from design to production, is carefully engineered in order to guarantee the longevity of each item, so that our furniture can be handed down to future generations and in turn become new classics.