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Heldu High Table

Heldu High Table

Rectangular with two heights

L 1520 + l 400 + l 1520 mm

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The Heldu range is available to furnish office spaces. Different modules of table surfaces can be joined together to create a variable length platform. Mobile partitions enable workstations to be laid out quickly according to working requirements. Electric wires run along the axis in a metal cable tray and power sockets are hidden by wooden and leather blocks. A desk lamp and tidy can also be fitted in the cavity. Vertical tabletop partitions complete the collection and enable space to be organised accordingly. The oak and leather finishings echo the realm of a traditional office.

The Heldu collection has been built following a traditional technic for joining wood elements. The crosspieces of the chair fit into the seat. Those of the table fit into the tabletop. Colours are used to highlight the interlocking pieces.

Product delivered assembled but not connected(table/shelve), in 3packages. Table co-working Heldu — Table: Solid oak top (3 ply, 22 mmthickness). One cable passing system in oak with leather.Heldu Storage — Plywood structure , oak veneer. Doors and pannels :oak veneer/ particle board. Inside shelve.


Height 1140 mm / 44.88 inch
Height table 760 mm / 29.92 inch
Height table 1140 mm / 44.88 inch
Width totale 3440 mm / 135.43 inch
Width table 1520 mm / 59.84 inch
Width table 1520 mm / 59.84 inch
Depth 1000 mm / 39.37 inch
Weight 105.0 kg


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Iratzoki Studio*:

Ever since he opened his own workshop in 1998, Jean Louis Iratzoki has been committed to the creation of articles impregnated with an emotional value, where the respect for nature, character and restraint give form to a contemporary but simultaneously authentic product. A philosophy which has garnered diverse European awards.

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