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Zutik Wall System

Zutik Wall System


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The Zutik creation expresses a new line of thought: leave the floor to explore the walls. The result is a complete system organized along a horizontal oak beam composed of acoustic panels, shelves, mirrors, ladder structure and coat racks. Zutik can be adjusted over and over again, both in length and composition, and so perfectly adapts to both large installations and small spaces as well as a variety of surroundings.

Complete organised system along an horizontal wooden beam, it can be reconfigured over & over again, both in length & composition. The accessories are options to be selected in function of the usable leght dimension of the beam, to consider 400 mm of non-profitable leght (200 mm each beam end side).



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Iratzoki Studio*:

Ever since he opened his own workshop in 1998, Jean Louis Iratzoki has been committed to the creation of articles impregnated with an emotional value, where the respect for nature, character and restraint give form to a contemporary but simultaneously authentic product. A philosophy which has garnered diverse European awards.

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